The CCOA is a non-profit human services agency offering supportive and energy conservation services to Southwest Idaho. Our senior and income-qualified assistance services allow individuals and families to remain in their homes with dignity, safety and independence.

Our Mission - Provide assistance to elderly, disabled and financially limited individuals, through a variety of human service programs, to promote self-sufficiency and to protect dignity, safety, and independence.

Our Vision - Because we care and value the sacrifices of the senior population of America, we dedicate our efforts for today and for the future to assure their quality of life, safety, dignity, and independence. We envision that seniors, the disabled, and the financially limited shall have responsive access to supportive services and that these programs are adequately funded to meet their needs. Through outreach and education, all citizens from both the public and private sector will recognize and appreciate the worthiness of the supportive services we provide and those who require those services.